Treat your child and guests to a beading birthday party!
Select a project that fits your budget. Project prices range from $6 to $18 per child.
v  Each child creates a unique beaded bracelet, necklace, barrette or
     earrings that also doubles as the party keepsake favor (no need for goody bags).
v  With sufficient notice, projects can be customized to fit the personality/
     interests of the birthday child.
v  Invitations, colorful balloons and sweet treats will be provided.
Call Lori at 978-562-7756 for more information, to see project examples or to
schedule a beading party.
Click on the collage to view a larger version of how much fun the "Red Had Ladies" had on their Ladies Night Out at Serendipity!
Click on any of the above photos to see a sample of fun projects
that can be created at a "Ladies Night Out" at Serendipity.
63B Main St., Hudson, MA
ser-en-dip-i-ty – (noun)
  a fortunate discovery created by unanticipated luck.
"My 8-year-old daughter's birthday party was at Serendipity. All the girls had so much fun! Lori, did a great job coordinating and directing the event. She made it so easy that I even had time to sit with the girls and do my own project! The girls loved their bracelets, which were also their party favors! My daughter has been talking about how FABULOUS her birthday party was and can't wait to go back to Serendipity to work on other projects. I must admit that I had a FABULOUS time too!"
Rita - Hudson, MA